Saturday, September 12, 2009

Delegate Assembly, Sept. 04, 2009

Hi All,
Here is the Delegate Assembly meeting for September. Principally for our Snowbirds, but of course open to all.

Comments on the DA posting will be greatly appreciated.

Dave Israel


Grace said...

Very good but the sound is not loud at the loudest.

Anonymous said...


Marjo said...


Thank you very much for putting up the last meeting. It is greatly appreciated.
I think, but maybe wrong, the reason for the sound was because some of the people did not know how to speak into the microphones. Some speakers were very clear, others were not.

Anonymous said...

Yes Marjo, some of the speakers do not use the mic and some in the audience cannot be heard. Without a proper sound recording system -provided by UCO-this will continue to be a problem.

Anonymous said...

can comcast equipment be used for these meetings audio to video setup ? if a person doesn't use the mike to ask a question the question has to be stated before and answere.