Monday, September 7, 2009

Silent Film Festival

The recorded Delegate Assembly will be shown on Channel 63 for 5 days at 9am and 6pm (I assume weekdays). OK we get the point the Delegate Mtgs need better sound equipment. Even when speakers use the mic its garbled. Its mostly no sound this week … How many $$ needed?

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Hi Elaine,

I have raised this issue at two Operations Committee meetings.

Specifically I have requested WPRF to present a proposal for properly and professionally wireing the Theater for Video and Sound.

We are trying to do the job with a cheap home video camera, which is totally unsuitable for the job.

Dave Israel

Anonymous said...

You would think when they rebuilt the place they would have had good sound for the theatre. We did spend a lot of money for it.

Anonymous said...

Don't start that crap again. We spent NO money for the theatre. It is owned by WPRF and each of us pay a SMALL monthly fee to them so we can use it and the other WPRF facilities.

Anonymous said...

Don't get so defensive. If they rebuild, do it right. Don't ell me we did not foot some of the monies, or our maintenance would have went down, not up...What planet do you live on?????

Anonymous said...

Maintenance increases are due to inflation, insurance costs, etc. not the new theatre. Planet Mongo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us what Planet you are living on.I always knew CV was in another world. Inflation, insurance costs etc. The etc. stands for all those extras I guess.