Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waldman Reflection Bay Development Meetings

Try some truth instead of hysteria and tantrums. Mr. Waldman will present his plans to wider audiences when the snowbirds arrive but for now there are small information meetings in individual condos. Go to one if you have the chance, all questions answered. Mr Waldman brings renderings of his plans and discusses all aspects of security for us and for his gated community. There is a large continuous lake between his area and CV (no boats). The whole area between Southampton and Greenbrier has no building just a long lake, plantings and islands. Only 2 tiny land areas need a fence/barrier. The blog can show plans in a couple of months. The development includes all types of homes, from single family thru flats, pool, amenities, café, park - these all hug Haverhill Road. Any current golf course views are replaced by lakes, fountains, and single family homes across the water.
Nothing is approved at this time.


Anonymous said...

Interesting and we do not have to buy a fence.

omg said...

This summer the delegates voted not to allow building on the golf course property. How could they vote before a proper presentation of the plans had been made to the WHOLE village!!!
What did they think they were voting FOR, what is the alternative to building??
Enjoy the grass and urban decay!

Mike said...

The delegates can't vote on somrthing they don't control. I don't remember the delegates voting for UCO to fight development of the golf course. Until they direct UCO to anti up funding for a campaign against such development ,it's all BS.


Hi Mike
Sep 17, 2009 9:10:00 PM,

Where do you think the funding would come from, UCO does not have a license to print money.

Funding comes from the Unit Owners; how much are every one of you willing to contribute to resist the development of the Golf Course with residential housing.

There was indeed a vote, by the Delegates, that UCO should support the resistance against development of the golf course; but there was virtually no solid information about the intended project provided nor was any plan articulated as to just how far UCO/CV is willing to go in this resistance.

There are many levels of resistance that could be developed, ranging from simple publicity and letter writing, to political action, all the way through to legal action in court; they all have one thing in common; they cost money, your money and mine.

Before everyone gets exercised over this issue; it is recommended that they become au fait with the issues and the alternatives.

As always, be careful what you ask for, you may just get it!!

Dave Israel

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION: Full time residents and snowbirds, the following is what the Waldmans and the misguided village supporters of the golf course development don't wont you to know.

1. 12 to 18 months of construction.
Dirt, all day noise, and heavy construction equipment traffic.
2. A development consisting of workforce,low income housing and renters. Children, pets, car noise and traffic.
3. The Waldmans are offering an ungatted community, with a lake, plants and islands,instead of a
perimeter fence to keep out intruders. The result will be a continual security problem. (walking at night will be a thing of the past).
4. When the developer leaves with his millions in profit the development will start to decline.
5. The Waldmans propose a 2nd entrance to the new community from
Okeechobee blvd. How can that happen without infringing
on Century Village property?
Don"t be fooled. the Waldman's must not develop the golf course. They must sell it to new owners who can turn it into a first class, professionally run, profitable golf course.
When you think about the golf course, think about the long term concerns. Remember, our life style as we know it is at stake!

Anonymous said...

WHo is telling the truth???
Mr. Waldman who has been know to distort the facts!!
Or a proactie committee who doesn't
want anyone at their meetings!!!

Let the people know the truth from both sides,we the residents can then decide which side we want to support.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would want to build a Condo development in this economy is beyond my comprehension. Something smells fishy here. "Annonymous said, Attention full time..." has some very cogent points. How many of us would like to see low-income housing next door? Once Condo's are built, and they do not sell, watch out! LET'S KEEP THE GOLF COURSE ZONING.

omg said...

For those who want golf, its not going to happen here.
The alternatives are weed world or an attractive mixed development that will improve the area and energise surrounding commercial areas. You need to stand for something. Reflection Bay can raise property values all around it and as it suceeds it will encourage more renewal in our corner of WPB.

Mike said...

Dave , I think You misunderstood what I was saying but so be it.

Anonymous said...

If CV wanted a golf course, we should not have fought Mr. Levy years ago about it as was to be a CV golf course. After being rebuked by us, Mr. Levy sold the course off, taking it out of our hands forever. That battle is over. We need to make the best of what the new reality is.

elaineb said...

Anonymous Attention 11:50: is inaccurate according to yesterday’s Waldman presentation:
-The large lake and plantings are built first and will keep construction of homes at a distance. Only Greenbrier C will have good view of construction. Considering how many of us are either deaf or absentee I do not see dirt/noise as much. There will be no buildings between Southampton and Greenbrier. Were the residents in Somerset and Chatham upset by dirt/noise when the clubhouse was rebuilt, this construction would be at an even greater distance.
-Workforce housing people are gone all day, CV people may also buy there at preferred pricing.
-IT IS A GATED community, the lake protects the full length of the development(there will be even more walkways for those who walk at night!) (who walks at night!).
-There is no Okeechobee Blvd. entrance.
Make sure you are provided with all of the facts prior to having an opinion and making a decision.
Do not get your info from rumors. The Shapkin seven will demonize the Waldmans and strenuously mislead you – anonymously. Their dream of a golf course is not realistic.

Anonymous said...

Dave Isreal and UCO are using the "funding" scare tactic as the excuse why they have said nothing about resisting the golf course development. What a disgrace!
How much does it COST to speak up against Waldmans plan at the delegates meeting.
How much does it COST to resist the development by UCO members in their monthly UCO Reporter articles.
How much does it COST to address the issue in the local print media "letters to the editor".
How much does it COST to talk with our local and state officials.
How much does it COST to organize interested residents to attend the county zoning board meetings ( Jog & Okeechobee ).
No lawyers, no huge expence,
just a common sense approach to a
very serious and possible devastating issue to all Century Village residents.
But instead of the above, George Lowenstein and UCO had to be forced to write a 2 line opposition letter to the Waldmans.
It's not up to the delegates to prepare a plan. A plan should have been created and presented to the delegates months ago. Instead, UCO did nothing!
It is becoming crystal clear
that UCO believes that they can ultimately benefit financially from the golf course development at the expense of every Century Village resident. This short term thinking can be devastating and must be reversed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon Sep 18, 2009 1:10:00 PM:

"...This short term thinking can be devastating and must be reversed..."

Alas what you describe in your long list is short term thinking and only contributes to the bad image of CVers that people in Palm Beach county have.

A sensible approach is to work with the Waldmans, not to act like old fools and pains in the you know what.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to money and whoever has it is powerful. As far as low income being built, what do you think we have in Century Village? This is not exactly million dollar homes!

Randall said...

Two hunded dollars a square foot is anything but low income housing. Century Village is low income housing. I was at the presentation on Thursday and was quite impressed. A development such as this could be great for this area. If you haven't noticed, the surrounding area abounds with crime.
The lakes and the aesthetic buffer areas would be constructed PRIOR to breaking ground for new housing. It is prudent to pursue the facts before forming an opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Randall. If they build it they will come. Like you said outside these gates, there is nothing but crime. So we shall see if they build and who will buy.

What about the place that is across from Haverhill? There are people living there and they don't bother anyone.

Is that a seniors place? Never see anyone around the grounds.

Anonymous said...

Once this developer or any developer gets the golf course property zoning changed, CV can kiss whatever influece they have good bye.Economic conditions will dictate what kind of housing will be built on the property, once rezoned. Be very careful people.

Randall said...

Inexpensive housing could not support the investment. There is plenty of inexpensive housing already available... just look at the voluminous real estate listings for Century Village! Detailed plans must be submitted to the buildings department before breaking ground ground. Our approval could be conditioned upon such submissions.

Anonymous said...

Let the Waldmans build (they will be successful in the long run no matter what we try to do against them). If the lakes don't keep the riff-raff out, we can always add a fence later. At the last UCO delegate meeting, it was reported that it would cost less than $200,000 to fence off the entire golf course from CV if needed.

Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS...I think if you believe in what you say you should sign your post...Good bad or indifferent
Step up and give some credibility to what you are saying....


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara C. Which ANON are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Subject: False Hope!
The Waldmans will have you believe that the economic and residential outlook in this area can support a 500 home/condo community.
Cyprss Trail, a senior citizen community just to the north of Century Village built new condo's 2 years ago and priced them at $229.000, reduced to $169,000 and finally reduced to $125,000 due to poor sales.
Initial prices will be set but soon after those prices will fall.
Waldman and his supporters are dreaming if they think there will be a demand for housing at $2oo a sq. ft. in a development surrounded on 3 sides by Century Village and a trailer park community to the east.
When the developer/builder finally leaves and the community has to finance all its essential services on there own is when the decline will begin. Its happening all over and it will happen in the proposed development.
A neighboring non age restricted community surrounded by a senior citizen village brings with it many concerns. the issues of children,pets,noise,
traffic and most important of all
security will be with us forever if this ill-conceived community is built.
It will be just a matter of time before the obvious threats this development brings to all Century Village residents are realized.
By then it will be to late!!

Anonymous said...

ANON Sept 19 1:18



Anonymous said...

To Anon Sep 19, 2009 3:51:00 PM:

What would you have us do??

CV screwed up the ability to have its own golf course years ago.

We don't own or control the golf course property now.

We can't legally prevent the owner from developing the property or prevent a zoning change.

We can kvetch and complain--about all we seem to do these days.

Or, we can try to get the best possible outcome from the development.

Or, we can kvetch and complain, and get nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Randall!

I would only suggest that we get a plot plan with dimensions. It would be nice to see the engineering.

The size of the lake is important. How wide, how deep and will it be connected to a canal and how will it drain.

If we are talking security we want to be sure that there will be a lake during a drought.

Randall said...

Waldman's have already looked into allotments of reclaimed water. I made it very clear that we are no longer interested in sharing our water with him during future droughts.

mwl said...

It is with dismay and disappointment that I read the blogs of my fellow CV residents. Only Anonymous appears to present a realistic approach and encourages us to fight and oppose this development. How can anyone consider building at this time? One only has to look at our own community and all the vacancies. There is something 'fishy'about this.

Have you 'reflected' that if the builder wanted support why did he remove the fence?

"If they build it they will come" this is not a baseball field! People will have to put down hard earned money to live surrounded by a retirment community and a trailer park. Have you really looked around and seen the foreclosures?

"CV residents may buy at preferred pricing" Give me a break! Will you still want CV amenities? Perhaps the new residents will demand same?

"They will win no matter what we do" This kind of passive thinking allowed dictators to flourish! I spoke to a Deerfield CV resident who said that a developer also wanted to build - a mall - and was vehemently turned down. The golf course is now run jointly by CV and the golf course owner. (Can we look into that and other CV's more thoroughly?)

I would never discourage an activity that other CVers enjoyed especially at this time in their lives. It would be so selfish. Too bad no one ever witnessed the regular Tuesday Morning Tournaments of the CV Ladies League. The enthusiasm and comaraderie of these sports loving women - many in their 80's and a few in their 90's was a joy to see.
The Men's League returned when the grounds were temporarily 'spiffed up'for a prospective buyer. Outsiders came as well. When the prospect fell thru the grounds were again neglected and abruptly closed.

WPBCV is in a process of transition. Selling a well-designed course which gave the community a sense of diversity and environmental balance envied by outsiders will be a terrible mistake and will be forever regretted in the future by the residents who will still remain here.

Anonymous said...

To mwl:

The golf course IS gone!

Do you want to protest the new owner's right to develop? Go ahead. You will lose.

Try doing something constructive, and help us plan a good development on the former golf course.

Randall said...

The fence was removed because code enforcement required it to be removed. It was in disrepair. It was the first question that I had asked having ASSUMED that the removal was a tactic used by the Waldman's that would give CV incentive to permit the development and the required security during the construction process.
The facilities at CV is and will be exclusive to residents and guests of CV.
The process of rezoning and construction plan development and implementation must be monitored closely.

Mike said...

Does anyone know the size (sq/ft) of the proposed condos and single family homes in the Waldman Dev. ?
This info must have been given somewhere but I guess I missed it.
Just curious .

Anonymous said...

The truth is , supporters of the golf course development are in the MINORITY.
The delegates voted unanimously to have UCO state their opposition to the proposed housing.
When the snowbirds return, nothing will change. Waldman can have 50 meetings with the residents, but the obvious exaggerations and false benefits echoed by him and his supporters will not alter the minds of most of the residents.
In the end, if the golf course
development goes forward it will still be opposed by a MAJORITY
of Century Village owners.

Anonymous said...

To Anon Sep 21, 2009 4:07:00 PM:

Obviously nothing will alter your mind, truth or not.