Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi All,
This BLOG was created some 21 months ago to give you, the CV Unit Owner, an unrestricted voice. It has succeeded to a point with the development of a small cadre of active bloggers.

From the beginning there has been an issue that has irked some; and that issue is anonymous posting.

Anonymous posting has been a problem with not only some of our bloggers, but also with some of the Officers of UCO.
An opportunity has arisen with the approach of the expiration of the CV Web Site Domain Name, to try a new experiment.
We propose a new BLOG which combines the Information function of the CV Web site with the Broadband interaction capability of the BLOG format.

Three things will happen when the new BLOG  goes into final operation:

1) This BLOG will go away.
2) The CV Web site will go away.
3) Anonymous posting will go away.

The new Site is being built at this time and we invite you all to examine it and to feedback your comments and ideas about this new approach.


All those who have signed in to the CVBLOGANDCHAT with a true name and Email address will shortly be sent an invitation to sign in and Post to the new site.

Thank you all,
Dave Israel
For the CV blogger Admin team


marc v said...

Sounds good to me !

Anonymous said...

If this can be done RIGHT, you can do it, David!


BettieL said...

It's about time!!!We all will
benefit....Thanks Dave!!

Jdonna said...

Makes sense to combine the sites. I have really enjoyed the blog; even read it when I am up north for the summer.

Grace said...

Sounds good to me! I was unable to send a message this way a few minutes ago and sent Dave a message telling him so. It seems alright now.