Friday, September 25, 2009


Hi all,
The following Email was received from Phyllis Richland:
Dave Israel
please post on your BLOG that every delegate or alternate must attend the October meeting (of the Delegate Assembly). there will be a vote to include (a presentation by) the owners of the golf course property at the October 15th., 2009 (special) meeting in the theatre. I have heard , that an impartial mediator will chair that meeting. I do not know who it is, or who will choose this person. I do not know how it will be advertised, or how the word will get out, but I hope the theater is overflowing. 

I do know that UCO, ie. George is starting to bend to the will of the people, in that he is agreeing to this.

Please tell every delegate and or alternate to be sure to sit in the designated areas so that all the votes will be counted properly and if any one wants to speak or ask a question he or she does not have to walk down the length of the theatre.
I am an advocate of the development . I feel that it will do nothing but good for the Village and the surrounding areas.
I have been to a meeting with Andrew Waldman (The golf course Co-owner) and I , as a former contractor, can see the development is a good thing.

let us give him an opportunity (to present his vision) without the vitriol and the one sided hysterical commentary.

Thanks for listening,



Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this meeting take place when the snowbirds are here? I think everyone should be included in on this.

Mike said...

My feeling exactly Anon

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example of how Waldman and his supporters are trying to jam a positive vote down the throat of all Century Village residents.
There must be no delegate meetings concerning the proposed golf course development until the "snowbirds" return later in the year.
How can we trust anything Waldman say's or does when these kinds of "behind the back" tactics are so outrageously being used to avoid a full delegate vote.
This is a deliberate attempt to avoid an obvious "No" vote of a full delegates session.
Shame on UCO for allowing this anti-resident process to go this far.

Randall said...

A meeting by the PB County Commissioners must be scheduled and properly noticed before the question of re-zoning is considered. In the meanwhile, it would be nice to begin the information sharing process. No committments by a vote of the Delegate Assembly should take place at this time. Many questions need to be answered and committments in writing by the Waldman's reviewed by legal counsel before any vote is taken. The seasonal residents should be permitted to participate, and therefore, no committment on our part should be made prior to November or even December.


Hi all,
My take on recent meetings in UCO, is that there will be multiple Town Meetings about the Golf course issue and there will be more when the Snowbirds are here.

I am not aware of any planned vote on anything related to the Golf Course.
The rest of the Email from Phyllis looks quite accurate, here are the basic parameters:

1) Yes, there is a meeting about the golf course being planned for October 15th.
2) Yes, due to the high passions surrounding this issue the services of an impartial Mediator are being sought.
3) Multiple politicos have been invited. (Koons, Pafford, Bucher, Burdick.....Etc.)

4)It is possible that Mr. Waldman may attend.

I echo Phyllis Richland's call for heavy attendance at this meeting, as, to greater or lesser degree, the golf course issue affects the entire Village; let your voices be heard!

Dave Israel

Mike said...

Does anyone know if Waldman paid off Ist mortgage $1,883,703.00 due March 26,2009 or the 2nd Mortgage of $500,000 due Feb,28,2005? Just curious.

Grace said...

Phyliss please call Harold to remind him of the meeting and how important it is that he attend. I am up north and cannot attend, Regards, Grace

BettieL said...

By all means attend the Meeting,
however, let us NOT be once more
"Backed up against the Wall" for
a decision, then and there.
We need ample time to hear, digest
and discuss before we come to a
conclusion..Too many times,in the
past, have we been put into this
position, whether it's in or out
of "season".
Consult Nov-Dec-Jan's attendance
at DA highest months attendance,designate that
month for the vote!

Anonymous said...

I PRESUME there will be other informative meetings when the snowbirds come back in January...
so they also can ask questions and voice their opinions..