Friday, September 25, 2009

Insurance Committee Chair Dan Gladstone Advises

All HO Policy holders of Universal Property & Casualty Ins. contact their agent and have them add All Risk Coverage (Endorsement # H017320491R) on their policy for the extra cost of $31 annually.
Dan will go into more detail on the Endorsement in the next UCO Reporter

Dan Gladstone can be reached at 712-1923


Grace said...

Why only Universal Property & Casualty Ins? What are we missing on our policies?

Lanny Howe said...

I'm told by Lex Barker of First Integrity Insurance Agency (on Vista Parkway) that condo homeowner's insurance policies with Universal Property & Casualty that he sells always have this All Risk coverage included UNLESS the customer has asked it be excluded. It is a point worth checking, though. Lex says that without the All Risk, you can be reimbursed for only a part of restoring whatever is damaged to its original condition.