Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paulette Burdick is Toast

Paulette Burdick is toast, ring, ring, ring..

Have you been constantly interrupted and awakened by her phone survey.
There is no “go away” "do not call” option. Your only options are to answer a long biased survey or be bothered again later.
How stupid do they think we are. Oh, this is Florida and they are consultants.
If you answer a couple of questions and hang up they will call back!! Forcing you to answer – no doubt they will be amazed at some negative responses, and many hang-ups. When will the programmed calling nonsense stop.

From the news - “Burdick: paid consultants on hold. Pleased with the grass-roots volunteer organization for her 2010 Democratic campaign for county commission, school board member Paulette Burdick has put paid consultants … on hold — at least temporarily. Burdick is running against state Rep. Mary Brandenburg, D-West Palm Beach, in a Dem primary to succeed term-limited Commish Jeff Koons.” “Burdick paid $1,000 in June for the consulting expertise of Johnson, who’s also chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, and who works with Schiller on several local races.”


Anonymous said...

got me to, it was lovelly siesta, lovely dream. Damn you Burdich

Anonymous said...

I pays to have caller I.D.
You only answer the calls
that you want and your voice
mail takes care of the rest and
if a message is left you delete
after you hear the first word.

Anonymous said...

Because of those annoying phone calls I will make a point to not vote for her.

Ruth D said...

Have signed up with Do Not Call Registry which doesn't always help unwanted callers, but hanging up does work.

Mike said...
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elaineb said...

Thx guys, I am most annoyed when awakened. Now I can turn off phone ringer and put volume to zilch on answer machine. Of course they will still call back. Do not call registry should cover all charities, pols, etc.