Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Blog Druthers

What would you like to see, or not see on new blog, admins will be chewing on this next week. The mills of god grind slowly.

* I would like to see questions answered by UCO officers and cmte chairs.



Hi Elaine,

I can only promise that at least one Officer will answer questions on this Site.


Dave Israel

Mike said...

It has been the norm that Most UCO officers would not comment or answer?s on this BLOG because it was not a UCO approved vehicle of information. Now that the NEW BLOG is an approved UCO Vehicle of info, all CVers must insist UCO elected officers participate in the New BLOG both in comment and in subject matter that concerns a particular officers duties, as a board member.
If any officer refuses to post and comment, we must vote he or she out of office. Furthermore, all candidates for UCO OFFICE must be asked in a delegate assembly meeting if they intend to keep the CV population informed of things, via the NEW BLOG. If they choose not to participate, the blog members should campaign against them.