Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Dear Bloggers--before I move on to raccoons and rousing my neighbors to action instead of just discussing/complaining ---does anyone have raccoons in CV anecdotes,info of any kind to share ---unfortunately, my assn does not have a supply of coyote urine to sprrinkle where rocky raccoon and his gang have marked their territory ---we now have a lovely heavy bar to keep our dumpster lid secure ---I note my lids in other areas open/luring the critters---thank you once again for anything you wish to share.


Anonymous said...

Several people have had a raccoon leap at them when they open their no-bar dumpsters, the reason for this is that Rocky can lift the lid enough to squeeze in and dine. But often cannot leap and lift lid to get out. I heard scuffling in a dumpster at Dorchester K and released a raccoon, it is good to use a stick or stand well to the side if you do not want to be a springboard.
If you have a raccoon bar – use it. Usually there are a few people who will observe and patrol the dumpster, they have been know to snarl more than raccoons when the bar is left down.

Rocky said...

Wiki: Only a few studies have been undertaken to determine the mental abilities of raccoons, most of them based on the animal's sense of touch. In a study by the ethologist H. B. Davis in 1908, raccoons were able to open 11 of 13 complex locks in less than 10 tries and had no problems repeating the action when the locks were rearranged or turned upside down. Davis concluded that they understood the abstract principles of the locking mechanisms and that their learning speed was superior to certain CVers.

Davy Crockett said...

There are an unlimited raccoons living in the PBCWUD woods to north of CV, learn to enjoy their antics. Raccoons like to sleep in Norfolk pines and also appreciate bowls of a/c water for washing their food.
If you wish to discourage them remove bowls of water and install dumpster bars. Dumpsters that do not have bars will become their preference and even more if you salt those with a few sardines.
Traps and trappers are not practical because of the large numbers breeding in the woods. They make nice hats.

Anonymous said...

Beware of Raccoons. Some can be a major source of Rabies. Keep those bins tightly shut. They are not friendly pets, and can get pretty ugly too.

Mag said...

has anyone had the experience of calling animal control or any assn hire trapper?

elaineb said...

Animal Control - you buy the trap (Home Depot), you do the trapping, you make sure critter is well looked after has water etc. you take it to Animal Control, they euthanize. No charge.
You can trap all you want, as long as food and water are left out more raccoons will come.
Trappers are expensive, phone 'em.

Anonymous said...

First of all the lid bars are a good idea, but then you have the elderly that can't open the lid so they put the garbage on the outside.

Then there are the people that insist on feeding the so called fish in the canals. I seen a woman throwing a whole loaf of bread piece by piece. This brings rodents.

So you see, we have a zoo here because people insist on doing what they want.

Anonymous said...

Saw a unit owner of a another neighboring unit drop a bowl of water and bread on his lawn. Thought it was unusual, then he decided to put the water and bread near the bushes behind my patio. Checked and there was a raccoon who was laying behind my unit in the bushes. Was there for a day and night--finally called animal rescue and said the raccoon must be hurt. They came within an hour and cought the critter--injured and with some kind of disease and was advised I shouldn't have gone near the animal. I hadn't but my neighbors fed it. They are not domestic animals and if you see one during the day, if's probably ill. Call animal control--they were great.