Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sex Offenders in the HOA

I removed the whole Do You Know post at request of first poster.
The topic was internet sexual pornographer in the village. If you wish to replace comments add onto the following:
A Sex Offender Has Moved Into Your HOA ... What Now? March 2009 From -

“Start by knowing that laws governing sex offenders vary from state to state, and you must determine your own state's law before you make a single move. "Across the country, more and more supreme courts have been ruling that an association can and may limit who can be in the building," says Sima L. Kirsch, a principal at the Law Office of Sima L. Kirsch P.C. in Chicago, "and that there's no prohibition of the secondary dissemination of information about sex offenders." ….
… Florida allows associations to implement restrictions. "In Florida, unless there's a provision in the association's governing documents that deals with whether people who've been convicted of crimes can live there, the association has no power to keep those people out, whether it's a murderer who's been paroled or a sexual predator who's served his or her time," says Robert L. Tankel, principal at Robert L. Tankel P.A. in Dunedin, Fla. "To keep them out of the association, it has to be voted on by the members and in the governing documents. I strongly urge that associations consider a document amendment to deal with the issue.

"If it's not in your governing documents," adds Tankel, "work with legal counsel and local law enforcement to determine the best route of notification, if any. There's no standard protocol for what to do about sexual predators or offenders within a community association. It's not defamation to tell people that someone is a convicted criminal, but it may be beyond the association's jurisdiction.

Don't step over the line. Remember that many states specifically prohibit harassment of sex offenders.”


Anonymous said...

The Florida Dept of Law Enforcement has info, including neighborhood search and e-mail alerts for any address you want to monitor. Also restrictions on use of their information and FAQs.

That site does not include ongoing case in PBC. Case ID 502008CF016414AXXXMB - SET FOR STATUS CHECK ON 09/16/09 AT 8:30. FILE DBY H. PERLET, ESQ.
i assume Safety and Security in Century Village follow these things.

Someone Else said...

Megan's Law, intended against monstrous sex offenders, is applied willy-nilly to masturbators, sexters, public urinators and others who aren't THAT creepy, but we demonize them just the same. Megan's mother herself has said that the law is too strong. In light of what happened to Jaycee, it should be finetuned to cage the monsters indefinitely and give the others a pass.